Hudson Hall

Machine Type Status Time Remaining Notification
Machine 001 Dryer In use
8 minutes left
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Machine 002 Dryer Almost done
2 minutes left
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Machine 003 Dryer Out of order    
Machine 004 Dryer Not online    
Machine 005 Dryer Not online    
Machine 006 Dryer Not online    
Machine 007 Dryer Not online    
Machine 008 Dryer Not online    
Machine 009 Dryer In use
26 minutes left
Email (or text me):
Machine 010 Dryer Not online    
Machine 011 Dryer Available    
Machine 012 Dryer Not online    
Machine 013 Washer Available    
Machine 014 Washer Available    
Machine 015 Washer Not online    
Machine 016 Washer In use
9 minutes left
Email (or text me):
Machine 017 Washer Available    
Machine 018 Washer Available    
Machine 019 Washer Ready to start  
Email (or text me):
Machine 020 Washer Not online    
Machine 021 Washer Available    
Machine 022 Washer Available    
Machine 023 Washer Available    
Machine 024 Washer Available    
Email (or text me): Notify me when there are washers and dryers available.

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